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miltonThe MEG-Foundation was founded in 1984. Its aim is the advancement of experimental and clinical hypnosis by scientific publications and projects.

As a trustee foundation it is recognized by the finance authority of Munich, Germany. The assets were collected from gainings of congresses of the Milton Erickson Society of Clinical Hypnosis, Germany (M.E.G.) organized by Dr. Burhard Peter 1984 until 2000, and from selling books and journals.

The MEG-Foundation publishes the German Journals Hypnose-ZHH, Hypnose und Kognition (HyKog) as well as the English Hypnosis International Monographs (HIM). For themes and abstracts see publications.

Download: free article download of past issues of HIM, HyKog, and Hypnose-ZHH.


Trustee of MEG-Foundation:
Dr. jur. Herbert Broelmann

Advisary Board:
Prof. Dr. Walter Bongartz, Dipl.-Psych. Wilhelm Gerl, Dr. Burkhard Peter, Prof. Dr. Dirk Revenstorf, Dr. Albrecht Schmierer

Offices of MEG-Foundation:
Konradstr. 16, 80801 M√ľnchen, Germany
Hauptstr. 39, 96352 Wilhelmsthal-Hesselbach