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Volume 6, 2002, 258 Pages

of the magazine HIM - Hypnosis International Monographs

edited by Burkhard Peter, Walter Bongartz, Dirk Revenstorf & Willi Butollo

Table of Contents

1. Presidential Addresses

2. Hypnosis in Psychotherapy

2.1 Examples of Application

  • Julie H. Linden
    The application of hypnosis to children and adolescents traumatized by war
  • Richard P. Kluft
    Advances in the treatment of dissociative identity disorder: An algorithm for evaluation and intervention with special attention to the role of hypnosis
  • Eulalia Cardona and Moises Martín
    Tobacco addiction and hypnosis: Performance of a 2 sessions hypnosis-based structured treatment in a clinical series
  • Pieter Willem Nel
    Utilising traditional clinical hypnosis in the dramatic healing of a student suffering from night-blindness

2.2 Ego State Therapy

2.3 Clinical Issues

  • Shaul Livnay
    Treating the "contra-indicated": Reflections of a hypnotherapist in treating difficult clients
  • Claude Béguelin
    The hypnotic constellation
  • Zsuzsanna Bognar, Katalin Varga, Éva I. Bányai, Anna C. Gösi-Greguss
    The subjective experiences of both the hypnotist and the subject in the real-simulating paradigm
  • Anna C. Gösi-Greguss
    Acoustic analysis of the hypnotist's voice - A preliminary study
  • Rita Csako and István Mészáros
    Altered-state experiences during relaxation: do they depend on hypnotic susceptibility?

3. Hypnosis in Medicine and Dentistry

  • Giuseppe De Benedittis
    The healer within: Hypnotic pathways to remarkable recoveries
  • Vilfredo De Pascalis
    Hypnotic analgesia, obstructive attentional processes and psychophysiological mechanisms
  • Csaba Diószeghy and Katalin Varga
    The use of hypnotic suggestions with patients in the intensive care unit
  • Donald R. Houge
    A model for the application of hypnotic techniques in surgery
  • Jochen Haisch and Stephanie Stock
    Suggestion in public health
  • Tibor Károly Fábián, Gabriella Vértes, Andrea Szabó and Katalin Varga
    Photo-acoustic stimulation and hypnotherapy. An effective combination for treatment of oral psychosomatic disorders
  • Mats Mehrstedt
    Voodoo dentistry: Hypnotic anesthesia in the 21st century?

4. Historical and Theoretical Issues

  • David Fourie
    Attribution of meaning: Use of the pill in hypnotherapy
  • Antonio Capafons
    Dissemination of hypnosis: Don't change the name, change the perspective
  • Christoph Kraiker
    Changing what you say to yourself (and to others): Basic elements of Epictetus´ (~50-130 AD) therapeutic philosophy
  • Anonyma
    Hitler, the master of mass hypnosis: Thoughts and feelings of a young jewish woman while seeing and hearing Hitler talk at a Nazi rally
  • Burkhard Peter
    The "therapeutic tertium": On the use and usefulness of an old metaphor